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Will it taste like my normal cuppa?

Yes, our teas taste just like any other good cup of tea. The good bacteria we add to our tea is 100% taste free.


Is your tea Fairtrade?

The tea we use for Daily Cultures is from tea estates independently audited and approved by Fair Trade Labelling (FLO). 


What are cultures?

They are more commonly known as probiotics. Cultures are also referred to as “friendly bacteria” or “micro flora”. They reside in our tummies and aid healthy digestion.


 Can the cultures survive in boiling water?

Yes. Our cultures naturally protect themselves with a hard shell, just like a seed. This protects them from harsh environments like heat or acid in the stomach. When they reach the small intestine (where good bacteria lives) they germinate to help with a healthy digestive system.


How long should I brew Daily Cultures for?

As with any tasty cuppa we recommend you brew yours for 1 - 3 minutes, but we're always open to suggestions. So make sure you let us know how you make yours!


What time of day should I drink it?

Now that really is up to you, but we like to drink ours in the morning. We think it sets us up for the day. 


Can I drink more than one cup a day?

Yes. One cup a day is plenty but cultures are harmless, so drink away!


How should I store it?

Ours are wrapped in special envelopes so they stay fresh. Store yours in the cupboard, or better still by the kettle!


 Are they dairy free?

Yes, there is no sign of any dairy in our tea bags, unless of course you like to add milk.


What about gluten and lactose free, and caffeine free?

All three teas are free from, gluten, lactose, sugar and wheat. Both the breakfast and green tea contain caffeine but if you're looking for a caffeine free option we advise trying our invigorating peppermint infusion. 


Are there any allergens in the Daily Cultures?

All three teas contain minute traces of soy, as a coating for our bacteria to help it disperse through the tea. There are no other allergens.


Is it suitable for vegetarians and vegans?



Can I drink it whilst I’m pregnant?

Yes, but we do recommend you speak with your doctor first.


Fun facts about bacteria. 

  • There are 10 x more bacteria living in our bodies than there are cells.
  • Around 70% of the bacteria in our bodies live in our digestive system, weighing an impressive 3 pounds.
  • We are not born with bacteria, but shortly after entering the world bacteria starts to inhabit every part of our bodies, to make us strong and healthy.
  • Bacteria are an essential part of us. Without them we would not be able to survive.
  • Geek alert. The singular of bacteria is bacterium. Go on, impress your friends.
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